A mutual fund is a compilation of stocks, bonds, and other investment assets.  Money is pooled from individual investors, which allows each investor to be more diversified in the fund, rather than purchasing a single stock; this can eliminate some of the risk that individual investors can encounter due to lack of experience in the market.  

Investing in mutual funds does not come without a risk, but you can control the amount of risk you decide to take on throughout the course of your lifetime.  The level of risk depends on two things:  what product you are investing in (stocks are generally more risky than bonds) and how long you will be investing.  We will first help you to decide how long you have to invest, so you can make investment decisions that reflect your individual circumstances.   Those that are just beginning their career can ride the market’s fluctuations, but those that are nearing retirement, won’t be able to accept these risks with their money.  

Mutual funds also have provisions in place that seek to minimize your risk.  For instance, when you invest in multiple mutual funds, you may experience a diversified risk, meaning that one investment in the fund may decrease in value, but the rest of your funds may not be affected.  However, the fact does remain that mutual funds are not like regular savings accounts or Guaranteed Investment Certificates.  Returns are not insured or guaranteed.  The general rule of thumb most of the time is the greater the risk, the greater the potential reward.   

With our experience and knowledge in the market, we have helped many people choose the appropriate stocks or bonds for their individual investing circumstances. With our research and skilled guidance, we can help you make the choice of where your money may grow best and hopefully try to avoid some of the pitfalls you may encounter by investing alone.